About Bygrave 

 I was born in Kitchener, to a family of 5 children.  We moved around quite a bit in our early years, Clifford, Guelph, St. Agatha to name a few.  We eventually situated in Waterloo where I still have very strong ties.

When I was young I had a love for baseball and road hockey.  

I loved building forts, igloos and other woodworking projects.  Looking back I was an extremely active and creative kid.


At the early age of 15 I found myself working full time with an explosive company.  We did control blasting along with bridges, silos, ice jams, and beaver damns.  By the time I was 24 years old I was running crews, hydraulic rock drills, repairing, maintaining and loading holes.  This type of work enforced in me to use caution, be articulate and responsible with each step.  Developing a keen sense of awareness of my surroundings and the ability to think through many steps ahead of my actions. 

As the winter months in the blasting business were typically slow, I expanded my knowledge and experience in different trades to continue to support my family.  Doing concrete work, framing houses, insulating and trim work etc. 

My girlfriend since the age of 15 had eventually become a wife.  We spent 25 years together and raised a beautiful family.  I am the proud father of 3 girls and 1 boy (and 5 grandchildren).  

Our young son was born with complications, and I needed to leave the blasting business to be close to home.  

I bounced around between jobs but in the end, decided to start my own business.

From there I have taken my work experience, business ethics and put it to good work by starting Bygrave Home Improvments.


Rick and his grandaughter